Lighting Design

Advanced lighting systems, personally tailored to suit your home.

Lighting Design London

At Integration Made Simple, we work with some of the world’s leading lighting manufacturers to bring you the best lighting systems available.
We are also fully accredited suppliers for the world-renowned Crestron lighting system.

A Bespoke System For You

Combining our creativity with the latest technology, everything from a single light to a complex whole-home lighting solution can be controlled by the touch of a button. Control can be via local keypads, a laptop computer, an iPad or remotely via your mobile phone.

Moods and effects can be custom-designed to suit and enhance your lifestyle, from relatively simple party, TV-watching or dinner settings to something much more individual. For example your own ‘midnight snacking’ mode. Wake up peckish and a single button automatically turns on your bedroom side light - low, so you don’t wake your partner - as well as skirting lights to guide you down the hall and stairs to a single spotlight near the fridge (dimmed - after all you have just woken up).

Safety and Security

Our lighting control installations are just as much about peace of mind as quality of life. In the event of a fire or burglar alarm, your system can be programmed to turn on all the exterior and interior lights to their brightest setting or mark out a safe exit route.

Some lighting systems provide constant recording of your lighting activity. That means if you go away, your system can automatically replay totally realistic lighting patterns. To a would-be intruder, it appears as if the property is occupied.