Home Cinema

Enjoy the full experience of a cinema, in the comfort of your own home

Home Cinema

Projection Screens

Screens can be fixed frame or motorised. A good trick is to ensure that your projection screen material is acoustically transparent. This means the speakers can be hidden directly behind the screen without detriment to sound quality.


Many different projectors are available with varied prices to match. Recently, 3D has become very popular. Whichever projector you choose, ensure that your projector screen size and projector through distances fit the room.
Circuits of lighting which can shine directly on the screen should be installed on separate circuits so that these can be switched off while watching a movie, and electric window blinds can add that final elegant and sophisticated touch to your cinema.

Simple-to-Use Apps and Touch Panels

Once you have all the complex technology that a cinema requires, you need something simple that anyone, from the age of nine to ninety, can use to control it.
Here at Integration Made Simple, this is our speciality. We can install the most technically demanding of cinemas and it can all be controlled from a simple-to-use iPad or iPhone app, or a standalone hand-held remote. 

Surround Sound

Being completely immersed in the cinema sound is what a high end home cinema is all about. Surround sound can come from two or four surround speakers. However, as this technology develops, an ever increasing number of surround speaker options are going to be available, such as Dolby Atmos.

Flush In-Wall / Ceiling Speakers

Discrete in-wall speakers provide excellent audio with minimal intrusion into a room's décor. Remember, it’s the size of speaker that allows the lower frequencies to be transmitted. So if you want high quality full range speakers, these will need to be larger than the multitude of mini home cinema speaker systems you see on the general market.


Subwoofers provide that feeling of being in the middle of the action. They come in active or passive varieties. If you install a passive speaker, ensure that the driving amplifier is suitable.