CPD Courses

CPD courses, approved by the Royal Institute of British Architects

CPD Courses

We are delighted to be an approved Bang & Olufsen CPD provider of The Bang & Olufsen Introduction to Audio, Visual and Intelligent Homes training session.

The overall aim of the CPD is to advise on the growing importance of technology throughout the home and how it can be implemented in a way that meets clients' needs.
It includes how we future-proof homes and the possibilities available when technology is allowed to complement design.
In particular the course covers the following: 

Intelligent home possibilities, and how to plan for these

The size of the current AV market and future growth

The best places to locate AV equipment in the home

Designing future ready homes, and the importance of AV designers and drawings

Sound, reproduction and music sources

The best products available on the market

RIBA Approved CPD

At this stage in worldwide technological development, there is a lot more available in terms of intelligent and interactive programs and integrated systems in the home than most people realise.  Sometimes this can be due to the speed at which new systems are being created, and at times this can be down to general ignorance as to what these technologies are capable of.  In a world full of development, often there is too much to keep up with.

When your clients see the full benefits of installing the latest AV technologies and smart systems in the home, having the expert knowledge to suggest ideas and harmonise technology with the interior layout or architectural plans you provide for each project, can open up a whole new world of design capabilities.  When you have a full view of what is available to you on the market, so that you can design and create a bespoke system for each project, your business will be on the cutting edge of modern breakthroughs and the cusp of future developments to come.  More and more, this is what modern homes and modern families are looking for.  

Here at Integration Made Simple, we aim to design and create AV systems in homes and also give the training needed to make all modern home technology accessible to all, opening up the way for more ideas and compatible systems purpose built for the specific needs of each home.  We even provide training on how to create future ready homes, where technology is incorporate into the infrastructure of a building, in much the same way as electrical and plumbing systems are now considered a natural component of home design.  CPD courses are available to those who understand the importance of integrating the functionality of technology along with design.  In fact, our intelligent homes training sessions is designed to improve upon the skills you already have and enhance the services you can offer your clients.

Intelligent Homes Training Sessions

We are happy to provide this comprehensive training that covers the technology that can be implemented throughout the home and how it can improve upon the entertainment, lighting, heating and general running of the home environment, so that it meets exactly what each client wants and needs, with our RIBA approved CPD courses.  These audio training sessions and visual training sessions help you learn how to design and install them professionally and efficiently.  When you discover the full capabilities of technology complementing design, you will be better prepared to make an intelligent home integration system, specific to each of your customers’ requirements.

The intelligent homes training sessions includes a discussion of what is available on the market.  As this aspect of commerce (such as apps and other software, and electronic systems) is one of the most competitive, it can be hard to find the right choice for each customer.  By giving you an overview of what is available, what to expect in terms of future growth and development, as well as the best products and places to get these AV systems from, you can provide the best the market has to offer.

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