Lighting Control

Control your entire home without lifting a finger.

Smart Lighting Systems London

Lighting control systems are all about making life easy.

Let's say you have a large living / dining area.
The room's lighting circuits could consist of two ceiling groups, wall lights, two pendant lights, book case lighting and table lamps.
To control this, you would have two options:

The traditional way

You could have a large plate on the wall with seven rotary switches, which would take you a minute or two to dim all the lights to your desired levels each time you want to change them.

The modern way

You could have a tiny lighting control keypad with five scenes. These could be marked, for example, Bright, Dining, Watching TV, Reading and Off. Pressing any scene button would instantly dim all lights to your programmed levels.

Changing scenes couldn't be easier either. On your iPad or Phone simply select room, select scene button, adjust sliders and press save.

Obviously, the modern way sounds far more appealing. That's where we come in.

If you expand this principle across all your home you can add many simple but effective features, such as:

An "all house off" mode, to turn everything in the house off when you leave the property or go to bed

An "arriving home" scene, to automatically turn on multiple rooms when you arrive home

Movement sensors for bathrooms and toilets, to avoid fumbling for a light switch in the dark

Astrological clock functions, to turn lights on or off at dawn and dusk

Holiday modes, which track how you use your light and then replay this when you are away, giving perspective intruders the illusion you are home.

This works really well when combined with opening or closing electric blinds

Integration with your existing smart home assistants, such as Amazon Echo, Google Home, and Apple HomePod.